At MAVEN and MUSE ENTERTAINMENT  the production process is simplified by performance, entertainment and audiovisual services being provided to fit any type of event.

The MISSION is to deliver trusted entertainment services to our clients so they can take their events to a new level.

Maven + Muse Entertainment is DEDICATED to understanding the client’s event goals and delivering a revived approach to the services they need to confidently produce a meaningful experience.

As a musician and DJ with over a decade in the music industry, I've played, booked, promoted and produced all types of events. Regardless as to what type, my goal is always making sure that the hosts, the guests, as well as anyone else working the events feel that that it's a positive experience. 

When I graduated from Portland State University in 2008 I found an interest in Social Work as an Employment Specialist. I assisted individuals with barriers to employment in finding jobs that fit their needs as well the needs of the employers I partnered with. I quickly developed a strong ability to find the perfect match between my clients and the employers I partnered with.

ZIta Saito

Owner | Founder

When I decided to stay at home with my newborn son I had time to reset.  I wanted to enter back into the world of entertainment,  not as a performer, but as someone who provided the entertainment to event coordinators and, as I did when I'd been in social work, finding the perfect match.

So three years later, I founded Maven and Muse Entertainment. I quickly discovered how there can be a marriage of both my live music and vocational development careers:  I find event services such as entertainment and audiovisual services which fit the needs of the event planners and promoters while facilitating and creating unique and memorable experiences. As a performer, it's a way for me to still be close to the live music and entertainment world. And as a professional, it's a way for me to utilize my ability to be a creative, resourceful, personable and imaginative individual who thrives on putting all the pieces together to ensure a successful outcome.

We live in a culture that is all about the senses.  If an event doesn't make the guests feel like it's been a memorable experience then it won’t have any impact.

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